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We're Here!

It's been five years in the making with many twists and turns along the way, but happily here we are. And a number of individuals have played a role in the process. When we bought Garden Heights in 2014 we really didn't know where it would end up but we knew we wanted a west-side location. The property in Bracken near Garden Ridge is lovely and historic and offers a nostalgic stroll to simpler times with the century-old chapel and cottage reception hall. But we see the growth in the Sea World area and really felt like another property should be added to bring the charming country wedding experience to our neighbors in that side of town.

Meanwhile, over on Sherwood Rd, Lady Monica was pouring her heart and soul into the 14 acres we now call home to Garden Heights West. She took a working horse barn, a custom-built home, and it's surrounding yard and transformed it into the upscale country wedding venue it is today. That was not an easy task and we recognize the many significant improvements AND investments she made in the process. Thank you, Monica!

Garden Heights Weddings and Events will continue to operate its Flagship location on FM 2252 for the foreseeable future. We're ever so grateful to our hundreds of couples that have and continue to celebrate their Best Day Ever with us. Our commitment to those of you who live in the NE parts of San Antonio, Schertz, Cibolo, Universal City and even New Braunfels, etc remains strong. We've enjoyed an extremely positive rapport with our neighbors in those communities and hope to continue as long as possible.

The next goal is to build a Chapel at the Sherwood property. This is quite an undertaking in the midst of such global change and upheaval! However, we feel strongly there is and will continue to be a need for a place that feels sacred where couples can celebrate their marriage with family and friends close by. Of course, wedding nuptials outside under the massive oaks is in itself a sacred experience while you consider and admire the handiwork of the Creator under the majestic shade offered by those trees.

So there it is in a nutshell. The journey is not over, but the next leg is sure to be exciting, and we hope you will join us! Please tell your Family and Friends about Garden Heights West...Happily Ever After Begins Here.

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